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Beerhart's Page O' Fun is my first effort at building a son Mongo is directing me from behind....he is talking faster than I can let me tell him to shut up and let me work........This page is under construction or destruction depending on how you are feeling at the moment. I will be adding interesting links, photos of the Beerharts and stimulating brain exercises for you to look at and enjoy........Please browse around and don't forget to sign the guest book as soon as it is up and running....

Beerhart's 4 Favorite People

In these pictures are my four favorite people. They were four of the most intelligent people to ever live. They made me learn, and they made me laugh. If I could have any four people over for supper it would be them. I hope you enjoy the images!

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This Is By Beerhart's House

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Texas J Roomers Meeting "98"
Texas J Roomers Meeting "99"